Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Management System

Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Management System

Botonde keeps growing. We have now gotten to he point where we are no longer supplying a take-Off creator. The Botonde system is now a Take-Off CALCULATOR and Materials Management system. What does this mean? It means that what we offer to any contractor on earth has now exceeded our original promise and what we provided at launch.

So what exactly can a contractor or contracting business expect to get our of the Botonde system?

  1. Promotion for your business locally – each Botonde contractor account comes with a business promotion page where you can customize the images of your best work, write a little info about your business, list your hours of operation, contact information and logo. There is no additional cost for this service.
  2. Suppliers management – Keep track of all your suppliers and ensure that your orders are routed to the correct providers of your materials.
  3. Materials Management – From your most commonly used building materials to the rarest to the custom created–all your building materials, pricing, markup and availability are located in one central place for your to access through the calculator and management system.
  4. Project Calculations – The engine of it all! The calculation system allows you to enter in a few simple measurement, select a few materials options, answer some questions and boom–the Take-Off, materials list, purchase orders, customer estimates and labor expenses are done!
  5. Project Take-Offs – Not your granddads take-off creator. The Botonde system prepares not aonly all the details of your take-off, but the full materials list and labor breakdown as well.
  6. Labor Management – The labor section of every project allows you to enter in any and every form of labor you might need for your project. It also allows you to break out what each laborer makes per day plus any markup you may need to add to compensate for unexpected labor-related occurrences.
  7. Client Estimates – With the click of a button, transform your take-off into your client estimate along with a full breakdown of materials and labor (none of the markups shown). You then have the option to print or email the estimate directly to your client.
  8. Customized Materials Orders specific to each supplier – So the take-off is done and now you have to start placing orders. Using the materials management system, you’ve already told the system where you want to get each of your materials from, so with the click of a button, a materials purchase order is created for each of your suppliers related to the project. Each PO can be separately printed or emailed directly to your supplier.
  9. Unlimited Projects/Storage – Whether you contract twelve projects per year or hundreds, there’s never an up-charge or a limit to how many projects you can have in your contractor account with Botonde. Projects remain until you delete or archive them – if ever.
  10. Access to discounts for upgraded future features and additional modules – Maybe more than one of our excellent modules apply to your contracting business? Maybe you build decks, provide insulation and dabble in tile work? Botonde is as versatile as your business is and we offer discounts and incentives to sign on for more than one module.

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