How Botonde Helps Your Local Advertising

How Botonde Helps Your Local Advertising

When it comes to finding local clients, a contractor’s advertising can be limited by budget and competition. It can be extremely difficult to seize networking opportunities either in a new territory or by a new contracting business. Established or not, what can a contractor do to maximize networking and advertising opportunities and keep skyrocketing expenses under control? In other words, how can Botonde help your local advertising?

Waitaminnit“; you say, “Botonde is an estimate creation and materials calculation system. How’s it gonna help me advertise?

Great Question

The answer is the fact that at no additional cost, Botonde also provides each contractor account with its own personalized business profile page. This page outlines your business information, your contact information, pictures of your best work and anything you want to say about your business. It prioritizes your listing by amount of positive ratings and endorsements from other contractors who also have accounts with Botonde. Think of it as your own little local network. There are no fees associated with leads, clicks, or contacts. There’s also no need for customers to set up any account info to find you.

What’s The Catch?

There IS no catch. All a potential customer has to do to find you is punch in their zip code and choose the type of contactor they are looking for. The only thing that can vary is where you show up on the list of contractor results. Since there’s no fees and no way to pay for a higher listing, it’s based on positive feedback and how many endorsements you get from other contractors in your Botonde network.

So How Do I Get Endorsements?

When other contractors that you know become part of the Botonde family, they can opt to write a brief endorsement of your business that will appear on your business profile page. The more positive endorsements, the better your Botonde ranking, the higher your business page shows in the search results when clients search for your services. You, in turn, can also endorse their business on Botonde and they will then benefit from higher listings. But be careful and only endorse those you really know and trust! Remember those customer ratings? Well if a contractor gets unfavorable ratings it will begin to lower their rankings and show their listing lower on the search results. If you endorsed such a contractor, it will affect your rankings and listing position as well. Be sure to ONLY endorse those contactors that you know do a good job and you both win!

Advertising your contracting business should not be a bank-breaking monthly expense that leaves you unsure of how your advertising dollars are best spent. Instead, spend NO money on advertising and just provide great service, exceptional contracting and construction services. Botonde and your clients will do the rest to ensure that your local network grows and becomes more profitable the longer you are part of the Botonde family.