New Features From Botonde

New Features From Botonde

We have some great new features within the Botonde Take-Off Creator system! Important customizations that our loyal contractors have asked for!


Estimates generated through Botonde for your clients are now streamlined, customizable and cleaner than ever. Control the position of your business logo, show or hide the proposal number and customize the text. Watch how impressed your clients are with your estimates.

Easlier Login

Many of you asked us for an easier way to login to your Botonde account from a mobile device and we agreed. Now find a clear, unmistakable login button at the top of your screen when viewing on a mobile device.

Export to Quickbooks (Coming Soon!)

We get it. Quickbooks has been around for a few hundred years now and more than likely about 99% of the Botonde family of contractors use it for your accounting. So instead of having to take the time to re-enter customer info, job info, pricing, etc… With the Quickbooks Export feature, you’ll be able to do it with the click of a button. Your accounting, your way.

Local Suppliers (Coming Soon!)

We are making deals with local suppliers and welcome YOUR local suppliers reaching out to us as well. You’ll be able to locate any suppliers in your local area that have their materials lists and current pricing loaded into our system, making your material purchase orders so much easier! Match this with our powerful PO Generation system and you’ll have greater control of your ordering, costs and pricing out to your customers.

Painting Module (Coming Soon!)

We know–many of you have been waiting for this module to come out for some time now. We promise that it’s still in the works–but we keep finding way to make it better with every version. The premiere module for painting will join our already live premium modules for Tile and Decks & Railings. Awesome.

The revised estimates are surely going to be a game changer for the image your business presents on your clients. Remember, we support everything we offer 100% so if you have any trouble, contact us and we’ll be in touch right away to help you set up or move forward using Botonde.