NOT Just Another Estimator

NOT Just Another Estimator

The Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager is not just another estimator system. There are plenty of software packages and apps out there that will allow you to create a customer estimate. More still that will allow you to revise, send, revise again and bill your customer for the work you are doing for them. From something as broad as Quickbooks to the most dedicated invoicing package app available, there are lots that do the same out there.

That’s not what the Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager is, though. Far from it.

Yes, the TOC will allow you to send an estimate, but that’s the hind end of what the purpose is. The TOC is a system that performs calculations – starting with the decking and railing industry– the purpose is to save the deck builder business time and money by performing the major and minor calculations and putting together the materials needed for purchase orders and yes, estimates. But even then it does so much more.

Far more important than managing an estimate, managing your materials and labor is the key to saving money in any contracting business. The Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager is masterful at managing your materials and where you get them from. Got a job that requires materials from four different vendors? The TOC will create separate orders for each vendor and allow you to manage pricing, margins and of course, send the orders directly to the suppliers.

You really have to see for yourself , everything that the Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager has to offer. You’ve got nothing to lose with the 30-Day FREE trial period and money back guarantee. No contracts, no long term commitments. For contractors, by contractors.

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