Specifics of the Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager

Specifics of the Botonde Take-Off Calculator & Materials Manager

So, what specifically does his thing do? What does my $9.95 per month get me? Note* This is NOT intended for the homeowner or DIY’er. This system is intended for Decking and railing professionals and makes certain assumptions to that effect.

  • For the Decking & railing module – simply enter in some basic information about the deck you want to create. How many levels, length and width of each level, how high off the ground, which type of decking boards do you want to use, which fasteners… stuff like that.
  • The system will then continuously make calculations and adjustments based on the selections you make and the information provided–adjusted by common standards, typical building codes and long-standing mathematical breakdowns, building your take-off.
  • The Take-Off is built and you can adjust each and every material or amount to be ordered depending on your needs.
  • Once all entered, the estimate to your customer is available at the click of a button. With the click of another button, you can email the estimate directly to the customer.
  • At the click of another button, the Take-Off Creator will break out all the materials you need to order for this job into separate order forms – each specifically directed to whichever supplier you chose to get them from. At the click of another button, email the purchase order directly to your supplier for fulfillment.
  • All your projects will remain in the system indefinitely. You have an unlimited number pf projects with your account and no limit as to how long they remain.

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