Top 10 Benefits For Contractors Using Botonde

#10 – Inexpensive

Even the top-tier plan with Botonde, giving a contractor access to everything that the site has to offer is only $19.95, and you do NOT have to pay that much to get the most out of what Botonde has to offer.

#9 – Direct request reviews

Waiting for a homeowner or other client of your services to leave you a review can be endless or never happen at all. Botonde allows any contractor to contact a client through the website once the job is completed as a reminder that there are benefits to leaving reviews for great service.

#8 – Social Media Pages

Your business profile page gives access to all your social media pages for any user of the website. this is a tremendous help in letting a potential client get to know you.

#7 – Business Profile Page

Every contractor on Botonde gets their own personalized business profile page. This page gives the user direct access to your business info, pictures of your work, access to all your social media, your direct phone number and a direct email to you. No pay per referrals ever with Botonde.

#6 – Advanced Profile Listing

Some plans give contractors the ability to put even more information, pictures and opportunities for clients to find you from your Botonde profile page. The advanced pages help you get found through more searches and categories as well.

#5 – No Referral Fees

There are never any referral fees when contractors use Botonde. One low monthly payment (first month free) gives your business unlimited referrals, with each user getting direct access to your phone number, direct email form and social media. No obligations, contracts or hidden expenses…ever.

#4 – Direct Contact

Homeowners or other businesses who are looking for your services locally get direct contact to you when using Botonde. Whether you get contacted by phone, email or social media, there are never any fees for referrals or need for a homeowner to set up an account. While we make it easy for homeowners to find your business we have build Botonde for you, the contractor.

#3 – Endorsements

Contractors helping contractors. Your business is set up on Botonde and a buddy of yours does great work in another field. Why not endorse him and let potential customers know about how great his service is? Write them an endorsement! Endorsements can only be written for contractors by other contractors. The more positive reviews your buddy gets from homeowners, the better his search results com up in searches on Botonde – AND SO DO YOURS! Yes, other contractors who have endorsed another business also benefit from each others positive reviews!

#2 – Botonde Take-Off Creator

The tool that started it all! The Botonde Take-Off Creator is contractors best friend, allowing you to manage all your most commonly used materials (and add your own uncommon ones as well), manage your suppliers of materials, set up projects to use the materials on, manage your labor costs and then generate an estimate for your potential client. Suppliers can receive an email list of the materials you need (all broken out into which supplier supplies you with what material) at the click of a button, or you can print it out. Estimates can also be easily emailed or printed out for your client. So easy to use and such a time saver!

#1 – Botonde Premium Take-Off Creators

Taking the Take-Off Creator to the next level! The premium Take-Off Creator is a profession-specific module that not only does everything that the “basic” Take-Off Creator does, but also performs all the calculations you will need to perform the job and make the estimate. We launched with the “Decking & Railings” module and are rapidly coming out with modules for Tiling, Painting, Drywall, Electrical, etc… Fully integrating with everything Botonde has to offer, these modules can save the you hours of work so that you can spend your time in a more productive way. Just answer a few questions, enter in a few measurements and the Take-Off Creator module does all the rest!

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