During The Covid-19 Quarantine–“Essential” Contractors need “Un-Essential” Support

During The Covid-19 Quarantine–“Essential” Contractors need “Un-Essential” Support

During this unusual time (to say the least) of global semi-quarantine, many of the nations contractors, if not the WORLD’s contractors, find themselves labeled as “essential workers”. Yet they are unable to arrange for permits, inspections or other local government official procedures required to begin, continue or complete jobs for their clients. Even more frustrating is the fact that in many parts of the country, suppliers have shut their doors as some have been deemed “non-essential”. Clearly, during the Covid-19 quarantine–“essential” contractors need “un-essential” support.

“As a company that helps contractors communicate more efficiently with their suppliers, Botonde has been getting tons of calls from suppliers in the hopes of passing the word to contractors that they are either still open or can make arrangements to be open by appointment to fill orders for materials.”

Rob Rotonde, Co-Owner, Botonde & Take-Off Creators

If your contracting business is not part of the Botonde family as of yet, you should make it a point to reach out to your suppliers as well as alternate-suppliers and see who is available to fill your material needs. The last thing you want to do is stall a job mid-completion because you’ve been cut off from your suppliers. Instead, be the hero to your customer and finish the job despite the hardships that most businesses are facing right now. Use this as an opportunity for your business.

During this particular emergency or any type of disaster, contractors have unique opportunities to provide exceptional customer service. Remember the foundation formula of customer service? That giving a customer a positive experience can result in their informing 2-3 other people about what you did for them. Giving a negative experience will guarantee they tell 5-10 people of the negative experience. However, this formula is heavily magnified during a disaster. When super-storm, Sandy, ripped its way through the northeast, contractors came in from everywhere to provide services. Those that provided exceptional service and took the time to provide the little extras at no additional time or cost, established relationships that to this day, are still getting them referrals.

This same philosophy applies to your suppliers. Who are they going to remember when this is all over and everything gets back to normal? The contractors like you, who took the time and effort to keep in touch and keep giving them business. Reach out to your suppliers. Keep your employees employed. Don’t use the crisis to take advantage of delays, closures and social distancing. Instead, find the opportunity to make clients for life and improve your business relationship with your suppliers.. At a time where government officials are deciding what is essential and what is not, how your business influences those around you becomes what is truly essential.

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